Free tutorial: How to dye wool yarn in sections shades using microwave.

Free tutorial: How to dye yarn in sections using microwave.

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How to dye your yarn in bright or pastel colors, combining two, three or more colors as you wish, for your boldest ideas!

End result - pretty stripy socks for kids and moms, colorful stripy blankets, sweaters and hats directly from one ball of yarn, knitted or crocheted.

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Free tutorial in Italiano                                                         мастер класс по русски

пряжа ручной окраски. мастер класс/3841697_final (700x700, 99Kb)
ecco i  lavori fatti con la mia lana tinta in microonde
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You will need:
- a skein of wool or silk yarn un dyed or white ,
- acid dyes for wool, Kool Aid, food coloring or egg dyes (now before Easter those are easy to find in supermarkets, so stock up)
- vinegar or vinegar essence (I used wine vinegar)
- three or more wide necked glass jars
- a tray or plate that may be used in microwave oven
Put your jars on the plate and half fill them with water.
Add vinegar - 1-2 tbsp to a jar.
Add your coloring, you may mix colors as you wish. Mix thoroughly.

Soak your yarn in warm water for a few minutes.

If you chose to dye in three colors, divide your yarn this way.

Dip every section into a jar like this.
If you'd like your colors not to mix, leave it this way. If you would like soft color graduation with secondary hues, move your yarn from one jar to another a bit. Here I am dipping blue into pink
and get purple.

Now back from pink to blue to strengthen the purple.

On this stage my fingers turn pink and I realize I have forgotten to wear my gloves.

I continue mixing colors with gloves on

until I am satisfied with the results.

Now is the time to put my jars into the microwave.

My program is 600, for 5 minutes, but my micro is very old, so you might need to experiment with yours. We need to bring it to boil but yet not boil the yarn.

Pull out the freshly cooked yarn.
Water turns clear which means we are done. If yours doesn't - heat some more. If the water is still colored or even bright - your yarn and chosen coloring don't work for each other. Usually it's harder to dye in blue.
Leave to cool in the same water then rinse thoroughly and carefully. 

Usually I wash my yarn and excess dye washes off. Rinse with softener.
That's all, your yarn is ready and even washed!

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