waldorf doll with hair from natural white Wensleydale locks stylable

new custom maded

This sweet one of a kind doll made with love and care to every detail.
i create myself all my patterns.

Her head and hands are made of knit cotton,
her body made of 80% cotton velour 
stuffed with organic wool
Her long hair is from natural white Wensleydale locks stylable . 
Her eyes and mouth are hand embroidered with care.

If you want to have podoyunuyu doll, you still have a couple of days to order it at a discounted price. I will make your doll in the desired form the body color, eye color, and if you want the hair color


foto tutorial per fare cuccia di gatto in feltro

tutorial felted cat bed by lafiabarussa
oggi ho ricevuta la lana italiana biellese che ho preso da thewoolbox apposta per fare la cuccetta per nostro gattino nuovo  e un po di riccioli da lana Teeswater fleece 

ecco il lavoro e la cuccia

cosa penso di questa lana, che appena provato?
la lana biellese è grossa e un po ruvida, perfetta per fare i feltri pesanti - borse, ciabatte, articoli per arredamento, cucce per animali, tappetti
infeltrimento molto veloce e stabile.
e questa la nostra piccolina


Knitted sheeps

my new herd of of white sheep.
three are leaving on Monday.
the rest will still graze here on the lush Italian fields
work two days



End of school year giveaway - WIN awesome FELTED FLOWER BROOCH or $5 OFF in shop

Please, start on the rafflecopter form below by making sure you like this page and follow step by step to get more tickets!!! Enter now and till next Wednesday, the 18th, official end of school year in my kids school! I will post the winner and contact him/her for color choice and address! BROOCH ships for free!

come here


come fare le scarpine per la bambola

carta modello e tutorial gratuito per fare le scarpine per bambola o un giocattolo di stoffa, ma va bene anche per un bambino secondo me
per scoprire come fare questi scarpine


big baby doll and hand spun yarn

head- smaller
hand - in short, the belly wider.
I like that better. 
she turned 43 cm height, if not straighten her legs.

I just now finished a doll wig.
hand spun loks and them kntted
I'm not sure I like it.
would love to hear your opinions
like or not?

more foto in facebook
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