Felted Sheep

my Felted Sheep is flat  made from wool locks of teeswater, and feltit is neddle felted

a great gift for any oneyou can choose to use as a brooch, which can settle on a cap or bag or like a magnet, and a good sheep will gladly keep your loved ones wishesA brooch bar or magnet of you choice will be sewn onto the back


my biggest doll

my biggest doll Nina end Lilia
Nina is 48  cm, baby Lilia 43( her legs is bent )
They have long time made been at me.
needed make small changes - change the hair and make new dresses.
and then I went to the shopping, where she found a tiny shoes and socks.
not resist and bought it.
then in the news bulletin with a friend saw a beautiful collection of fabrics.
and i wanted to look at my cloth.
and now - result


waldorf doll Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona 
dressed and waiting for her prince
but alsowill be happy in the third her new mom
soon in


newest felted sheeps

newest woolen sheeps - magnets or brooches
made ​​from handmade felt , hand dyed Wensleydale and  teeswater locks
used needle for filz
  for lovers of sheep.


Patern for knitted sheep

 I spent today all day , but I made a tutorial. 
as soon as I can find one I will check the error, but it will not be perfect - I will set a tutorial for sale on my website. 
I'm sorry, but I can not work for free.
I'm very sorry.

by it here

little knitted sheep

I built a new herd of knitted sheep
look it here

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