so lovely, so funny waldorf baby doll
AnnaCarla evening. 
Curly hair is maded from boucle yarn end teeswater dyed locks

the night before


free pattern for doll diaper

Every newborn baby doll needs a diaper. 
A pack of diapers would be even better!  
Using this pattern you can sew some nice diapers.  
Velcro closure can be adjusted for waist from 22 cm to 28.


Annaluce and Annasole

allow me to introduce two new dolls  Annaluce and Annasole

girls are waiting for moms


waldorf baby dolls

today I want to introduce you to three dolls in Walldorf Technology
dolls made ​​of different color jersey
Maria, Annaluce, Annasole,


Only today you can buy a doll at a discount price

Elisabetta today in New Dress 
Only today you can buy a doll at a discount of 30% 
Elisabetta is a 36 cm ( 15") waldorf style doll made from natural materials and handmade by LaFiabaRussa


sale price for nice wool locks

reduced price for wool fibers on fleece and locks of various sheep British  breeds - lincoln longwool, teeswater, wensledayle, leicester longwool,
and suri alpaca and Huacaya

look it here

only for the readers my blog special coupon code AMICI for 10% off 
valid until June 10,

lana per filatura, infeltrimento, reroot capelli delle bambole da collezione,  creazioni con ago in riccioline e in fleece.
lana sucida inglese è stata lavata a mano e  tinta in varie colori. 
lana in offerta

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