New beautiful curly felted wool layer

New beautiful curly felted layer. Hand felted using the softest merino wool with pretty detailed curls. ade from natural colored sheep curly wool white, gray, black, gray, silver - or you could always ask us for a custom colour! visit my shop to see more

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comparison factory mohair weft and hand washed angora goat mohair, alpaca and sheep locks

now I have a factory mohair weft and hand washed angora goat mohair. and I can compare
What can I say?
the factory wefted mohair - is very easy to use, they are loved by many masters. they sims natural, curls will remain for a long time. I feel - like a very tough human hair.
You can wash, comb.
factory wefted curly mohair
angora mohair curls from LaFiabaRussa - fiber is thicker than the classic mohair This premium quality of fiber - soft and silky. is selected adult mohair.
is organic. I do not use strong chemicals.
Number of very limited. and the high price.
it is well combed and is not to be matted on the doll's hair, provided that comply with the direction - the hair roots from the head and ends at the bottom.
You can wash, comb, curl.
mohair curls a lot of work, but they are worth.

hand washed, hand dyed and combed LaFiabaRussa mohair
I am glad that I can offer you both.
longwool breed sheep -teeswater, wensleydale, massam, lincoln, leister
it is soft, lustrous fiber. natural curls.
You can use or combed curls. combed hair on gaming dolls matted.
doll made by LaFiabaRussa , hair from wensleydale sheep locks
doll whith hair from teeswater long wool

suri alpacas.
very fine fiber, feels like silk.
I do not recommend for playing dolls combed fiber. it is suitable for collectible dolls. or use locks.
combed alpaca suri locks


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La Libera Associazione Culturale Steineriana il Dondolo

è lieta di comunicare la prossima apertura a settembre 2016 dello spazio giochi per bambini dai 3 ai 6 anni in Lodi, zona San Bassiano.

Chi fosse interessato per iscrizioni o ulteriori informazioni ci può contattare

Vi preghiamo di inoltrare questa informazione a chi pensate possa essere interessato.

Comunicheremo presto le prossime iniziative dell'associazione per l'anno scolastico 2016-2017


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new product - premium quality mohair locks on the pelt

I am pleased to offer a new product - premium quality mohair locks on the pelt. 

more photos in my page
I am pleased to offer a new product - premium quality mohair locks on the pelt.
I was lucky enough to buy one skin angora goat with long ringlets stretched 18-25 cm
I made the first Science Experiment for coloring hair.
I hope you will enjoy.
you can sew leather wig on the doll on your size
cut the skin into strips and sewn / glued to the head, or just cut the hair from the skin, getting well aligned roots
Now you can buy these hair right there.
written by size and price under each photo.
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