Bambolina tipo bebè

La piccola fatta alla richiesta e lunedì parte per incontrare la sua mammina

bambola fatta
capelli della bambola in lana boucle - cuffietta e codini fisse,
 giunture a bottone 


maglioncino, capello e calzini fatte a mano
vestito in cotone americano, 

pannolino in flanella

La bambola tipo bebè adatte per bambini dai 3 anni


waldorf Doll Silvia whinter style

waldorf Doll Silvia with natural yak hair, gift for mom and dother
Silvia is a 37 cm ( 15") waldorf style doll made from natural materials and handmade by LaFiabaRussa.
unique and unrepeatable 

Bambola di stoffa Silvia
Silvia è una bambola in stile waldorf alta 37 cm circa.
fatta a mano con materiali naturali in tecnica waldorf

Silvia cerca la casa nuova


Giveaway - wig for doll from Lafiabarussa - free shipping worldwide

Today I am announcing the Giveaway - of one of the wigs (waldorf Doll Ginevra is not included)
Your doll will get a new hairstyle for the new year

Wig is made of natural yak hair
wig is easy to sew a doll - if this soft doll is made of fabric( waldorf) , or it can be glued, if your doll made ​​of ceramics or plastics - Blythe Doll, american, reborn or art dolls

wig factory vintage production in Germany, made ​​very high quality on flexible fabric. can be washed, can be dyed as normal hair.
Wig fit size 28-30 cm

Giveaway Start 24 - 11 - 2013!

ending December 10th

I do a lot of different toys - it's Waldorf dolls and sypplies for make it

knitted toys - animals and trees, houses, game pads, and more.

you can consider my toys in the shops on esti or on my website

This giveaway is open worldwide and comes with free shipping as long as you have a valid address (no P.O. boxes please). You should be 18 years old and above to qualify. All entries of the drawn winner will be verified.

you can get a lot of chances to win, playing the action specified in the program below.

сегодня я объявляю розыгрыш одного из париков
ваша кукла получит новую  прическу к новому году
 -парик сделан из натуральных волос яка
парик легко пришить на куклу - если это кукла сделана из ткани, либо его можно наклеить, если ваша кукла из керамики или пластики
парик фабричного производства Германии, сделан очень качественно на эластичной основе. можно мыть, можно покрасить как нормальные волосы.
размер парика 20-30 см

вы можете получить много шансов к выигрышу, исполняя действия указанные в программе ниже.
розыгрыш приза 10 декабря 
если вам не терпится приобрести парик то вы сможете сделать это в моей магазинчике на Етсу

я делаю вальдорфские куклы, и волосы для кукол из шерсти
вязанные игрушки - животные и деревья, домики, игровые коврики  и многое другое.
вы можете рассмотреть мои игрушки в магазинах на ести или на моем сайте 


a Rafflecopter giveaway


waldorf Doll Ginevra with natural hair

Ginevra is unique and unrepeatable
Ginevra looking for new home
a 37 cm ( 15") waldorf style doll made from natural materials and handmade by LaFiabaRussa.

like all Waldorf dolls Cloth Doll by lafiabarussa is made from

organic swiss cotton jersey fabric, 
stuffed with organic sheep natural wool 
Her stylable hair is special - wig from natural hair of yak(vintage vig nice quality).
Her sweet face is hand embroided.

Clothes - party dress from cotton
Pink knitted sweater, hat, socks and a from hand dyed yarn
buttons natural shell



Mohair Weft - mohair cucito in nastro per capelli delle bambole

per creare facile un parucca delle bambole offro wefted mohair.
per ora solo in bianco, ma vorrei fare anche in diversa tinta
fibra mohair molto simile a capelli umani, lucida e bella da toccare.
lungezza delle capelli qua 15-20 cm, nastrino circa 1 metro.
per una bambola posso usare 1- 2 nastrini

wefted white mohair for doll hair

come usa questo nastro ?
- semplicemente cucito sulla cuffia fatta a uncinetto, o cucita da una stoffa
- fare una cuffia a uncinetto e fare passare durante il lavoro parte cucita

prossimi giorni credo a fare un tutorial
dove posso comprare?
per ora offro su 
o manda mi messaggio 

prima ho fatto le treccine a uncinetto con lana wensledayle


Il tappetino di feltro per giocare

Oggi con aiuto della mia amica abbiamo fatto un bel tappetino in feltro,
lana, acqua e sapone e 4 mani


experiment - remaking one doll.

it was a doll.
this doll I made in 2010

 She is very sweet, but could not find his mom.
Notices decided to make the doll a new face. and hair.

I cut her hair wool. and took her embroidered eyes and mouth.
New embroidered mouth and eyes.
of hand-painted merino yarn spinning and I made ​​new soft hair. pastel color marshmallow.
turns gentle sweet girl

recently a lot of pastel colors.
what could it be?

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