Waldorf doll boy for my son

Today I am quite happy!
it happened!
my son play with my waldorf doll.
I do a lot of dolls, and it usually takes dolls, but does not play long.
but yesterday ...
he chose one of the dolls and just took it from me.
bald doll - then it's a boy! do it I took the two dolls.
My son all night to change clothes dolls, change diapers, put to bed, hiding Blankets, fed ...
and slept with them in
Today we chose the boy clothes and left to come up with a name.
Well, it's time to go to kindergarten.


Teeswater locks in doll wig

new Doll
I made a wig of curly dyed locks of teeswater that you saw yesterday
could not resist

teeswater wool locks turquoise, purple, lilac, violet for doll hair and spinning

I still have a few pounds short( 15-20 cm) wool  from sheep teeswater 

I decided to paint and sell it at a discounted price in my etsy shop 

so the new batch. 
 locks dyed in purple, lilac, violet, turquoise  for doll hair and spinning 
Colors were very interesting. 
unfortunately I was not able to show on the pictures, camera mocked and gave a completely different shades. I gave up.
every lock has two shades - a different color at the end and at the roots. 
it's beautiful. 
I could not resist and tried on a doll locks.
so i play... 

I loved the look of the doll with hair, and I made a wig for one doll. 
but that's another story ....

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