Fun with wool

while mom was not at home my kids Katia and Ale working together
I hope tomorrow they show me the finished work
my kids mike the felt from wool sheep
while the kids are sleeping mom works 
and make sheep from wool


Alpaca Suri farm

We left very early.
and here are the first mountains

each pass - another weather
here - the rain
and here - the sun

climbing higher, temperature drops lower and lower. 
and we are in the clouds - 11 degrees

behind the the biggest pass and Olak stuck on the tops of mountains.
we're going down ...

here's a garden with lots of fruit. 

and finally alpaca.
alpaca suri girls
gray, brown, beige, white and black
one day old baby alpaca drinking sweety milk from mommy
they are all different. very cute, curious, friendly. but do not run away. continuing to go about their business 

several Lama
llama are obviously waiting for something that tasty. fresh grass ???
then we ate Traditional dish of cheese. and then I was picking in bags of alpaca wool.

unfortunately, they do not come close and can not be supply long fiber of alapaca suri for doll hair. but do not run away. continuing to go about their business 

Unfortunately, suri alpacas this year will not grow long hair. so that the hair of suri alpaca I probably will not supply for doll. 
it's very sad 
but I have a couple pounds absolutely beautiful thin delicate alpaca baby huacaya several colors.

so i'm very happy


Baby goat from felt

Today for breakfast I had the idea,
Then I drew a young goat.
and even two - one wanted for him my son.
and immediately sewed this baby here.
 who became friends with my son and a little girl - Waldorf doll.
and they played in the fairy tale - Alenushka and brother Ivan
Russian folk tale look here
Russian folk tale - Alenushka and brother Ivan

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