new rainbow mohair combed locks

rainbow mohair hair - combed locks purple and pink roots for feroot, spinning, felting  is ready to ship
high quality silk mohair.
length of 22 - 25 cm


mohair for dolls hair in pretty colors - the garden of parrots

my new doll hair collection in combed mohair - the garden of parrots
So, I'm inspired after visiting a pet store that I painted the mohair locks.

this is combed mohair locks ready to ship
mohair for dolls hair 
this is silky, very long, shinky well smell nice combed mohair fiber from the best angora adult goat.
it is very well suited to the hair in any dolls: Blythe, pukifee, reborn, waldorf, pullip, neemo, bjd, reborn. as do you like  technique reroot or doll wig. 
or do you like spin it for doll hair, your coat or home decor? why not?

 I really love these bright cheerful birds.and I confess, always give preference to blue parrot


doll hair from real mohair is the best!

I think the best natural fiber for doll hair - mohair.
but not just mohair only mohair locks, 
carefully washed and combed. dyed on natural color
Be sure to keep the direction of the hair - the top of the roots, and bottom - ends.
to this day, I enjoy working with my new mohair locks from angora goat. it is so silky and bright
This curls specially selected and grown for me .
length - 20-25 cm.
I am pleased to make out the strands of mohair, i thinking of how these curls wearing angora goat, 
washed tresses - meditative work, I like to do it when no one interferes, and only draw on curls - just a fairy tale.
I can only assume that will eventually merge and flow of paint from one another. I love the process and result
because I want to, because I see my world today. rainbow, blue sea, the color of wild blooming fields ...
I can draw only a small Number of curls every time.
and each time it will be a new design, new color ...
Doll, who will have the hair will be very different and not repeatable.

rainbow doll hair real combed mohair

blue shades doll hair - combed mohair locks

some other photo in my page


My Child doll Vintage Mattel

Today, my sister in law brought me a doll.
MyChild doll Vintage Mattel 1988

it was the doll her daughter, which she received as a gift for 5 years.
very cute doll. but what kind of doll?
Thank you my friend, I learned many interesting things about this doll.
once on her facebook, I saw photos of this doll here, so I immediately she asked.
it turned out that I had My Child doll Vintage Mattel, made in 1988, a very rare doll. All this is only on the picture told a friend of mine.
what a surprise!
Doll is well preserved. She lived on a bookshelf, and it looks like coming down with it is extremely rare.

MyChild doll my love Vintage Mattel

I washed her hair and face, wash our clothes.
now waiting for what will happen after drying.



look what today is dried in the sun - lavender mohair

look what today is dried in the sun -lavender mohair in locks for doll hair
nice long, silky , soft yang angora goat fiber
see in in my shop


Tiger on a flower

one beautiful sunny morning, I discovered on nashy lavender here is to create.
pretty hungry, I must say. a butterfly flitting from flower to flower quickly working its proboscis
I wonder what it's called -Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio glaucus)?

it is a symbol of our life.
I want to mention here the white stripe is greater than black.
then everything will be just fine!


1000 thanks to all my clients - free thank you gift.

 Next 20 orders will be shipped together with a small gift - surprise. we have prepared only 20 gifts. I hope you will be pleased to get my little surprise
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the new beautiful number - 1000 reviews

Today, the new beautiful number - 1000 reviews. 1000 times you left me your feedback. Thank you very much. I am happy to work for you
so I am preparing a surprise in my etsy shop 


Russian Wooden Matreshka

today I put on sale my favorite dolls - Russian Wooden ecofrendly Doll - Matreshka.
I have several pieces, the largest of 17 cm
I only have a few pieces. 
I would be happy if they will make your home or become a favorite toy of your childlook for Matreshka matryoshka babushka  here WWW.LAFIABARUSSA.ETSY.COM


New red and white polka dots waldorf doll for order

 a few days ago I finished work on a new doll to order,
It turned out bright and fancy doll.
girl in a red cap - strawberries already gone to her little mum..
i like colorful red polka dots and was so happy was to make this cute doll

questa dolcissima bambola waldorf fatta sulla richiesta. 
sono stata molto contenta  a creare. 
corpo fatto in magliana per le bambole tedesca, lana cardata per imbottire, capelli in lana tinta a mano a posto per questa bimba...
ma è piu bel momento quando arrivata la Luce per prenderla.
Grazie per aver scelta la bambola fatta dalla Lafiabarussa


today more hand painted yarn 20 % off from Lafiabarussa

today new on sale - Hand Dyed pastel extra fine merino Bulky Thick & Thin Wool Yarn, green, white, violet - 4,1 oz 

and pastel pink, rose

look more yarn and wool locks in my etsy shop


today hand dyed mohair combed and boucle yarn on sale

mohair yarn today 20 % off great for doll hair , knitting, crochet
you can buy it at, or write me an message for invoce
doll hair from bushed mohair hand dyed by Lafiabarussa

doll hair from boucle yarn hand dyed by Lafiabarussa

This gorgeous yarn is brushed Mohair today 20 % off.
price 5.5 euro + shipping from Italy 
Is suitable for:
waldorf doll hair
- to knit (knitting measuring US 11-3 or greater)
- for crochet
Perfect for made Waldorf dolls hair!!
To create toys and clothes

- 70% Mohair, 30% virgin wool
- 50 gr. / 100 m. (1.76 oz / 109 yards)
-i have total 18 balls for your choice
color 1 - balls
2 - 2 balls
3 - 1 balls
4 - 2 balls
5 - 1 balls
6 - 2 balls
7 - 3 balls
8 - 1 balls
9 - 2 balls

100% wool Yarn
hand dyed 100 % wool boucle Yarn 
approx 50 grams or 1,7 oz
100 meters or 110 yards
Suggested needles: US 11 - 8 mm and up
100% made in Italy
price for onr ball 5.5 euro + shipping
color 1 - 3 pz
2 - 1 pz
3 - 1 pz
4 - 1 pz
5 2 pz
6 - 1 pz

baby crown pattern - find in Internet

Lana creations: Crochet Baby Crown Pattern, Princess or Prince Cro...:       $3.50 Adorable handmade crocheted baby princess or prince crown. Perfect for Newborn 0-3 Months Photography. If you ha...


SALE - home clearance

SALE - home clearance use coupon code for 10 % LAFIABARUSSAWOOL
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today I'm getting ready to move. I still do not know where we will move.
we still have to choose our new home.
I'll work on liberation of material that I can not use in the near future.
i need the money.
Please help us with this change in our lives.


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waldorf classic doll whith hair from teeswater locks

This lovely doll made to order.
soft body of the jersey, stuffed sheep's wool.
her hair is made of curls.

order one similar doll here


How to Root Soft Vinyl Dolls with Mohair

great free tutorial how to reroot mohair hair for one reborn baby, 
look nice also fon ine barby doll? maybe Blythe doll soft scalp? 

you need Felting Needles , combed mohair hair for doll hair in natural colors, or alpaca suri fiber and baby reborn doll.

for see tutorial go to link If you are looking for combed mohair hair to make a Doll Wig, I offer it in almost any color in my Etsy store
If you don't see a color you want, just email me though Etsy and ask. I'll make it for you custom order. i offer I offer hair from teeswater  long wool, mohair and alpaca suri high quality for your BJD wig or Monster High Doll or any other doll such as Blythe, reborn baby dolls.


Waldorf doll Camelia

Camelia is a 40cm ( 16") waldorf style classic doll + soft scuptured face , made from natural materials and handmade by LaFiabaRussa.
there is no girl who would not like this very cute doll !!!

This waldorf doll is so cute and she is so nice to cuddle, talk to, look at - she is just precious.

like all Waldorf dolls Camelia by lafiabarussa is made whith my new pattern! 

- cotton jersey doll fabric , 
-stuffed with pure organic clean and carded natural wool 
-Her stylable hair is made of boucle mohair and natural wensledayle/ teeswater locks
- Her sweet face is hand embroided.

1. cotton printed dress and trousers
2. knitted sweater , shoes and hat from hand dyed soft wool yarn
3. twoo elastic rubber bands for hair with a flower  

Camelia ready to go in new home! Adopt this cute doll

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