new Teeswater long wool in locks available

Today I added to my shop new Teeswater long wool.
this pink and brown tones.
Wool  locks is very beautiful, shiny and good length 11- 12 in .
each color in 2 oz

my stocks will soon ends of wool.
my customer use wool for for Doll Hair - Blythe Doll Hair, Art Dolls, blythe reroot , waldorf doll, spinning and felt


announcement! I go on holiday

April 5, my shops

will work in partial mode. I go on holiday. responsible leave my daughter.
and she had little time - she is one student.

suggest targeting purchases do next week.


new waldorf doll with teeswater curly hair

Update in ETSY store

so spring end nice waldorf dolls!

romantic waldorf doll Elisabetta stylable teeswater hair, eco friendly gifts for kids 

and twoo doll for kids from 1 yers

how to make doll hair from mohair tress

wig made for bjd , but this scheme can make wigs for any dolls - waldorf doll, art doll, 

Blythe Doll

head size of 22 cm / 8-9 Institute
-wig cap
-1 m of mohair tress or locks for sewing doll tress (i offer tesswater locks, wensledayle, alpaca suri end lincoln fiber)

free tutorial available  in Russian  in the photos
original is here
1. sew hat
2. prepare mohair or wool tress -
wash it, dye it, comb...
 the author advises glue seam to strengthen the hair and do not omit Drop combing. if you sew yourself, then you can sew tress of desired length

strips sewn to the cap consistently at a distance of 1.5 cm

on the top strand. In fact, two of them, and they go from the forehead to the nape.

more foto end text in original post 
many thanks for ira_scargeear

other types of wigs

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