lilac sweet guardian angel

tonight I'm working on this sweet little angel
this blanket velour doll - an Angel, 
the desire to have a little girl her personal guardian angel who will cuddle while she is sleeping ...


my new job in FeltFur - Felt and fur

finally my application for membership in the team FELTFUR was approved and I was accepted. 
I am very happy.
in recent years I've worked many with wool:
made felt, made of filz  animals, washed curly locks for doll hairand all  my dolls stuffed with natural or organic wool,
 and now I'm going to do baby Blankets, flokati, felted curls some felt  fur Napkin 
 for photography newborn props.

feltfur flocati rug 
FeltFur rug or curly Posing Blanket, Felt Mat , Layer Napkin 
baby wool bed blanket felt napkin
Blankets or each mat are made by hand and often painted by hand, so they are unique.
photography prop ,photo prop , newborn photo prop , photography props , newborn , baby photo prop , newborn photography , newborn prop , prop , baby , newborn props , 

a beautiful fur of natural curls, which reinforced each other by means of special equipment - wet felting.
this eco-friendly products made of natural wool
Use curls rare breeds of sheep and Merino.
such carpets adorn serve for the house and for the first photo shoot baby will be happy and your pets this gift.

I will continue to make my dolls.
but locks for doll hair you can buy now HERE long curly locks
I will not do them any more!!

happy weekend to all


Waldorf boy with red hair

handmade by Lafiabarussa to custom order
doll made of jersey dolls
packed full bio wool.
person executed in the technique - soft sculpture is needle felted

more foto


Black Friday sales and CYBER MONDAY

Black Friday sales
Only if you use the period 11.28.2014 - 12.01.2014 coupon code CYBERMONDAY 15 % off 

Nursing necklace teething toy for baby
Nursing necklace teething toy for baby
Availability: 2
Price: €18,00
OOAK doll Mirabella 16 in waldorf tecnic,
OOAK doll Mirabella 16 in waldorf tecnic,
Availability: 1
Price: €250,00
lianna - Waldorf doll baby 14 in doll
lianna - Waldorf doll baby 14 in doll
Availability: 1
Price: €130,00
AnnaCarla - Waldorf doll baby 14 in doll
AnnaCarla - Waldorf doll baby 14 in doll
Availability: 1
Price: €125,00
Crochet teething necklace for mom
Crochet teething necklace for mom
Availability: 3
Price: €9,00
Custom made. waldorf classic toy for baby from cotton velour
Custom made. waldorf classic toy for baby from cotton velour
Availability: 3
Price: €20,00


Lianna -waldorf baby doll

doll made from natural materials and handmade by LaFiabaRussa.

body from swiss cotton (color 1) stufed with organic wool
The eyes and mouth are embroidered with cotton floss . 
Connection limbs on buttons
hair is made from mohair yarn. - croheted cup and fixed-tails from teeswater locks

knitted sweater, hat, socks knitted from soft yarn
cotton (80%) nicky veluor romper
cotton flanel diaper

this Waldorf doll Baby is meant for children over 3 years old


waldorf mini doll Valeria and many acessories

Valerie is ready to go in new home.
who would become her mom ?? who will adopt her?
Valeria made as a classic Waldorf doll.
simple face, hair, boucle yarn, reinforced throughout the head. You can delst any hairstyle.
Valeria doll lives in a box,
where it has a bed. her bed can be reversed. depending on the mood. that is, you have options neskolok linens
Kakla Valeria has a lot of clothes.
white dress or a nightie - as you'd like her mom
dress white and pink
sweater with funny sheep, cap, knitted shoes with a button ...
Valeria is ready for adventure.
she is happy to accompany her mother everywhere - in travel, during sleep and so on.


someone new - only the beginning dollmaking for my new doll

someone new by LaFiabaRussa.
like every mother, I think.
what will be my new baby.
I still do not know what will be the eye color, skin color, hair color ....
I only dream of.


Waldorf doll Giusy special Christmas edition

Giusy is a 40 cm ( 16") waldorf style doll made from natural materials and handmade by LaFiabaRussa.

special Christmas edition for specia price
there is no girl who would not like this doll !!!

This waldorf doll is so cute and she is so nice to cuddle, talk to, look at - she is just precious.
There's no girl that wouldn't fall in love with this doll!

How to make this doll?
doll made in the technique of Walldorf on my personal sewing pattern
doll made from
- color N° 3 cotton jersey fabric  ÖKOTEX 100 standard without AZU colour dyestuffs lite quality for head and heavy quality for body , 
-stuffed with pure organic merino wool 
- Her stylable hair is made of  boucle mohair (i make one cap) and from natural colored black wensledayle locks 
- Her sweet face is hand embroided.

1. party Christmas dress white withred from nicky veluor fabric (80 % cotton)
2. white jersey trousers
3. knitted shoes + hat from red merino wool and white fur poliester
4. crochet cord whith wool balls for hair

adopt waldorf  cloth doll Giusy


art needle felted sculpture wool heep mom and baby

this sheep is made in wool whith nedeedle felted tecnic from pure merino wool
poseable sculpture - mobile, you can attach various movements.
embroidered eyes, wire. merino wool. 
pumpkin - stitched jersey Lana stuffed with wool.


felted mini sheep

Saturday night I I played with a felting needle and fine merino wool 
played with great pleasure. result. - a couple of sheep - lamb with mom... 

Well Well. 
lamb in the morning found sweaters, pumpkin for breakfast a loving owner. 
and mom - one job!
host requires even dad and sister.

I could only do a couple of photos ...


wool in locks for any use

new locks for doll hair, spinning fiber, felting fiber,
in my etsy shop
shipping from Italy


waldorf doll Sara

This is Sara 
my new doll project.  
felting needle felt moderate face, ceochet wig from locks
now I'm going to make hair. 

waldorf doll - half of the work done on hair extensions

wensleydale locks input with hook in this cap 

a few hours before. at night
Natural colored black Wensleydale chatouche nuanced, wool locks

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