Waldorf doll Giusy special Christmas edition

Giusy is a 40 cm ( 16") waldorf style doll made from natural materials and handmade by LaFiabaRussa.

special Christmas edition for specia price
there is no girl who would not like this doll !!!

This waldorf doll is so cute and she is so nice to cuddle, talk to, look at - she is just precious.
There's no girl that wouldn't fall in love with this doll!

How to make this doll?
doll made in the technique of Walldorf on my personal sewing pattern
doll made from
- color N° 3 cotton jersey fabric  ÖKOTEX 100 standard without AZU colour dyestuffs lite quality for head and heavy quality for body , 
-stuffed with pure organic merino wool 
- Her stylable hair is made of  boucle mohair (i make one cap) and from natural colored black wensledayle locks 
- Her sweet face is hand embroided.

1. party Christmas dress white withred from nicky veluor fabric (80 % cotton)
2. white jersey trousers
3. knitted shoes + hat from red merino wool and white fur poliester
4. crochet cord whith wool balls for hair

adopt waldorf  cloth doll Giusy

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