teeswater wool locks turquoise, purple, lilac, violet for doll hair and spinning

I still have a few pounds short( 15-20 cm) wool  from sheep teeswater 

I decided to paint and sell it at a discounted price in my etsy shop 

so the new batch. 
 locks dyed in purple, lilac, violet, turquoise  for doll hair and spinning 
Colors were very interesting. 
unfortunately I was not able to show on the pictures, camera mocked and gave a completely different shades. I gave up.
every lock has two shades - a different color at the end and at the roots. 
it's beautiful. 
I could not resist and tried on a doll locks.
so i play... 

I loved the look of the doll with hair, and I made a wig for one doll. 
but that's another story ....

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