mohair for dolls hair in pretty colors - the garden of parrots

my new doll hair collection in combed mohair - the garden of parrots
So, I'm inspired after visiting a pet store that I painted the mohair locks.

this is combed mohair locks ready to ship
mohair for dolls hair 
this is silky, very long, shinky well smell nice combed mohair fiber from the best angora adult goat.
it is very well suited to the hair in any dolls: Blythe, pukifee, reborn, waldorf, pullip, neemo, bjd, reborn. as do you like  technique reroot or doll wig. 
or do you like spin it for doll hair, your coat or home decor? why not?

 I really love these bright cheerful birds.and I confess, always give preference to blue parrot

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