waldorf doll for baby back to my shop

waldorf doll for baby back to my shop. I'll be glad to make an custom doll to your order. many colors. 
manufacture of 7- 20 days period.
note - I take orders until 25 June

soon in my shop

I continue to work on new dolls for kids

Teething waldorf baby gnome one toy for kids from 0 yers.
classic waldorf  doll for baby,
The first toy for baby made to order for you.

All materials new and are pre-washed, ready for the game toy

This baby doll is very soft and very flexible.
 The head is modelled in the Waldorf traditional style and in oeko-tex jersey.
Made of cotton 80% cotton velour,
 It is filled with carded organic wool.
There's a noise maker  securely sewn in his body.

Every doll is unique.
Your doll can seem lightly different from the ones photographed above.

Every doll measures 7-8 inches in height approximately + hat.

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