Wefted natural goat hair for doll hair.

Wefted natural goat hair for doll hair. 

Very similar to human hair. 
Do you make fashion dolls fabric dolls, waldorf dolls, rag dolls, Blythe, BJD, Reborn, Monster high? Or are you going to make a doll for your child? 
Kids love to do different hairstyles for dolls. so Possible to Comb it, braid the pigtail, make ponytails. These hairs can with stand manipulations and are suitable for making hair for almost any doll. 
These hairs are well suited for most handmade dolls, they can be sewn onto the head from a rag doll, or sewn onto a hat crocheted or knitted. 
Weft natural goat hair can be used for art dolls. 
And in this case, you can sew hair on a hat or glue dolls on a head, you can cut off hair and glue it on your head, you can make a reroot. If necessary, you can dye Wefted natural goat hair with hair dyes.
A lot of ready-made factory colors, and some hand-dyed by LaFiabaRussa. 
Available straight and curly hair. 
Write me a message in my LaFiabarussa fb page, how many meters need and where to send to buy this hair at a special price of 18 euros for two meters. Fast Shipment for  6 euros for 2-4 meters to the European Union, without paying customs fees worth.
Payment via paypal or bank transfer.
Sending to any country is possible, to clarify the cost, send a message.
The availability of Wefted natural goat hair for doll hair is limited.

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