Kids Bedroom Rennovation Design

 we're still thinking about how to organize a small room for the baby.
and here I found a good selection. thanks Galya

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 Design of the kids' room is challenging, when the room is small, it is challenging even more. My kids are growing up and they will move to their own room soon, so I decided to go through the new kid's furniture trends to get an inspiration. 

 I browsed lots of examples, but decided to show only the best matching to my goal: decoration of a very small room for two toddler kids.

 According to Feng Shui nothing should be stored under beds and bunk beds aren't the best choice. It is also not recommended to hang things above the head. This is exactly what I always felt intuitively. Surprisingly, I found a lot of bunk beds and under bed storage spaces in the contemporary bed rooms' designs. Well, it is space - justified, but we are looking for the comfy feeling, aren't we? As always, let's try to find a compromise.

 The first one that I really like is a modern and quite a minimalistic design from collection of interiors:

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