Necklace Skeleton key

A couple months ago I had one of my "artist's date" (see Julia Cameron), and I decided to spend it on flee market at Jaffa. 

After one hour spent at the bus and 10 minutes of wandering among old narrow streets, I arrived to the flea market. I was browsing the market, wandering among the rows, digging in fabrics and clothing, touching rugs and politely rejecting requests to take a closer look and pseudo vintage jewelry… and suddenly I saw an old man sitting at the door of his shop, playing with a bundle of old keys like with a rosary. I held my breath when I saw it! and I asked – ‘Do you have more?’ He silently nodded in the direction of the door. 

I almost broke my legs in the debris of old irons, chains and scrap metal, but finally I found a lodge full of keys, in all shapes and sizes. I sat on the dusty floor right there and dug in, cleaning the most interesting ones with my own top. Then, sighing, I put most of them back, but I was able to find a couple of nice one in good condition. read more more from myfriend jewelry disagner , Yelena from the LenaMer 

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