doll hair from real mohair is the best!

I think the best natural fiber for doll hair - mohair.
but not just mohair only mohair locks, 
carefully washed and combed. dyed on natural color
Be sure to keep the direction of the hair - the top of the roots, and bottom - ends.
to this day, I enjoy working with my new mohair locks from angora goat. it is so silky and bright
This curls specially selected and grown for me .
length - 20-25 cm.
I am pleased to make out the strands of mohair, i thinking of how these curls wearing angora goat, 
washed tresses - meditative work, I like to do it when no one interferes, and only draw on curls - just a fairy tale.
I can only assume that will eventually merge and flow of paint from one another. I love the process and result
because I want to, because I see my world today. rainbow, blue sea, the color of wild blooming fields ...
I can draw only a small Number of curls every time.
and each time it will be a new design, new color ...
Doll, who will have the hair will be very different and not repeatable.

rainbow doll hair real combed mohair

blue shades doll hair - combed mohair locks

some other photo in my page

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