My Child doll Vintage Mattel

Today, my sister in law brought me a doll.
MyChild doll Vintage Mattel 1988

it was the doll her daughter, which she received as a gift for 5 years.
very cute doll. but what kind of doll?
Thank you my friend, I learned many interesting things about this doll.
once on her facebook, I saw photos of this doll here, so I immediately she asked.
it turned out that I had My Child doll Vintage Mattel, made in 1988, a very rare doll. All this is only on the picture told a friend of mine.
what a surprise!
Doll is well preserved. She lived on a bookshelf, and it looks like coming down with it is extremely rare.

MyChild doll my love Vintage Mattel

I washed her hair and face, wash our clothes.
now waiting for what will happen after drying.

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